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Superb cuisine available for breakfast lunch and dinner meticulously prepared by one of our outstanding chefs.

Sumptuous meals and delicate pastries and treats are available all day from your local Degani Bakery Cafe.

Our coffee is exceptional, roasted fresh in Melbourne.
Whether you want to sit back and relax in one of our sensational cafe's or just grab one and go, one of our world renowned coffee's is just the ticket to start your day on the right foot.

And no, we haven't left out our tea loving friends! Discover a fantastic selection of tea's at your local Degani Bakery Cafe.
You get the opportunity to brew your own cup of tea, and partake in your very own tea ceremony!
Soothing and sensational ..

Degani Specialty Cakes .. order your cake for that special occassion from your local Degani, or sit back and have a slice with one of our sensational coffee's

Incredible choice and superb flavour .. baked fresh daily

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